Scapa Flow Trip

For September Mic Watson has organised a week’s diving at the world famous Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands, and several Club members will be joining. We’ll be using the Radiant Queen, a superbly-equipped ex-sealing dayboat, which is skippered by Emily who is also a diver and professional opera singer. She is famed for the best dive briefings and best on-board lunches you will get anywhere. If you can’t find what you are diving for it will be your fault and not hers! If you are nice to her she’ll sing too.



The big draws at Scapa are the wrecks of the German High Seas Fleet which was scuttled in 1919. Three 25,388 tonne battleships, four light cruisers and numerous other sites related to the sinking lie within the main body of the Flow, all offering fantastic diving. Covered in life, massive guns and breathtaking levels of preservation means these wrecks have something for everyone. In addition to these there are many other wrecks, blockships and more natural underwater scenery. There tends to be a Scapa trip every other year so if you have missed this one be sure to be on the next as it’s a trip of a lifetime.