Try Dives

Ever wondered what it’s like?

If you have never dived, always fancied the idea but are not sure whether you will like it, a Try Dive is the opportunity to experience diving in the safety of the pool and under qualified, usually one-on-one, instruction. We provide all the equipment and the instruction, you just have to:

Contact us a few days in advance of your preferred pool session. More often than not we will be able to accommodate you that night.

  1. Tell us your size so that we can bring the correct equipment to the pool.
  2. Turn up at the pool at about 8:10 pm.
  3. Bring an old T-shirt, swimming costume and a towel.
  4. Fill in a basic medical questionnaire on the night
  5. Enjoy the experience. Hey, you’re diving!

Try Dives cost £20 for an hour’s session and afterwards you can make up your mind as to whether diving is for you. You may want to do another if you are not sure. Either way, you will be under no pressure but of course we’d be delighted to welcome you as a new member of the Ducks.

Please go this page and fill out the form or give Dean a call on 07447 585176

Click here to see Mix 96 having a try dive!!